Monday, March 17, 2014

My Reboot Manifesto

So, I wanted to learn something new.
An opportunity appeared and I changed employer.
And with that, everything changed!

Working with products for my employer instead of consulting for external clients
Using a MacBook Pro with OS X instead of a Dell with Windows
Programming in Java with IntelliJ instead of C# with Visual Studio
Writing tests with JUnit and Mockachino instead of NUnit and FakeItEasy
Persisting data with Hibernate to MySQL instead of Entity Framework to MS SQL
Having SCM in Mercurial with SourceTree instead of Subversion with TortoiseSVN
Doing CI with Jenkins and Ant instead of CruiseControl and Make
Handling sprints and issues with Jira instead of Redmine

That is, while there is great value in the items
on the right, the items on the left are new to me.

I'm in for a real deep dive, and I love it!

Now I learn a lot every day!

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